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Additional Oral Conditions That Poorly Maintained Dentures Can Lead To

Posted on 6/7/2021 by Clackamas Oral Surgery Office
Additional Oral Conditions That Poorly Maintained Dentures Can Lead ToDentures come in handy if you have missing or lost teeth. Full dentures replace all your natural teeth, enabling you to smile, eat and speak comfortably. On the other hand, partial dentures replace the missing teeth and rely on your natural teeth for support. For your dentures to serve you, you need to maintain and replace them when they wear out. Poorly maintained dentures can result in oral conditions such as soreness and swollen gums, damage to natural teeth, and angular cheilitis.

Swollen Gums and Soreness

Over time, your dentures will fit loosely due to bone resorption, meaning its time for a replacement. If not replaced early in advance, loosely fitted dentures will rub against the gum tissues causing friction and pressure. This will result in gum swelling and irritation. As you continue wearing your dentures over the sore and swollen gums, you will likely injure them and cause bleeding.

Damage to Natural Teeth

If you wear partial dentures, you need to ensure they are well-fitting to protect your natural teeth. Ill-fitting partial dentures will grate your natural teeth and wear out the enamel of the adjacent teeth. This will then result in chippings and cracks, which will expose your teeth nerves, causing tooth sensitivity. Damaged natural teeth are also at a high risk of decay and gum disease, which may cause tooth loss if untreated.

Angular Cheilitis

Poorly maintained dentures will cause an uneven bite. An uneven bite causes saliva to accumulate at the corners of your mouth, causing angular cheilitis, a bacterial infection. This infection manifests as red patches on the corners of your mouth and can be irritating and painful.

Therefore, given the above risks of poorly maintained dentures, you should ensure you follow our advice on caring for your dentures to keep them in good condition. You should also maintain regular dental checkups for us to examine your mouth for early detection and treatment of infections. For more details on dentures and oral health, contact us today.
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