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Clackamas Implant & Oral Surgery Center has a new home!

We outgrew our old office and are excited to welcome you to our new location! The new office is located at 11211 SE Sunnyside Road – just a quick, 5-minute drive from our old location.

Our new facility was custom-built with the safety and comfort of our patients in mind. The entire office benefits from a state-of-the-art air filtration system that exceeds medical safety standards. We feature private consultation areas, expanded surgical suites that include advanced imaging, and an improved layout designed for optimum workflow and efficiency.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction
Clackamas, OR

Mouth pain can last a long time and often only gets worse without the proper attention. Couple that with the difficulties of having a smile that doesn’t look the way you want it to, and serious feelings of insecurity will often follow. Fortunately, we offer a solution to mouth pain and aesthetic issues that can solve these problems for the rest of your life—full mouth reconstructive surgery.

Full mouth reconstructive surgery is able to bring any mouth back to its original form and function. We at Clackamas Implant & Oral Surgery Center - Brett Sullivan, DMD, MD care deeply for your oral health and have made it our mission to offer this community the very best in full mouth restoration.

What is full mouth reconstruction?

The aim of full mouth reconstructive surgery is to restore both aesthetic appeal and function to a mouth that has done without both for some time. This means focusing on any number of issues, including things like neuromuscular, restorative and cosmetic procedures.

The mouth is a large unit made of smaller units that rely on each other equally. When a tooth is lost, the teeth near it are affected tremendously, and when the bottom (or top) jaw experiences bone loss, the opposing jaw feels the consequences of this loss.

All the components of the mouth function to help each other form a system of oral health, so we focus on restoring the full mouth.

Who can benefit from full mouth reconstructive surgery?

There is no one particular reason for considering an option like full mouth reconstruction, rather, there are many. If you suffer from several of the following conditions, full mouth reconstructive surgery can likely help you:
•  Worn, chipped, or cracked teeth
•  Missing teeth
•  Chronic headaches
•  Upper back pain
•  Neck pain or tenderness
•  Chronic jaw pain
•  Jaw clicking

What is involved in the treatment procedure?

In this case every treatment plan is as unique as each patient’s mouth. We will build a treatment plan for you that fits your life and addresses all the issues in your mouth.

A treatment plan will include a list of necessary and optional procedures, as well as a timeline. Because of the complexity of many full mouth reconstructions, there may be a more extended timeline to allow for healing after certain procedures. In some cases, this process can last over a year.

Our end goal is to correct all the issues you may have been suffering from and leave your mouth in perfect working order.

Please call our office today at 503-662-8744 to schedule an appointment.
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At Clackamas Implant & Oral Surgery Center, we perform full mouth reconstructive surgery to bring a mouth back to its original form and function. Learn more!
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