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What is a Crossbite and How Do We Fix it?

Posted on 2/8/2021 by Clackamas Oral Surgery Office
What is a Crossbite and How Do We Fix it?Orthodontics is a section of dentistry which focuses on keeping the correct jaw motion. They use various appliances to correct misaligned teeth and jaws. While some patients might think getting teeth straightened is vain, there is a dental health basis for it. When teeth come in crooked or become misaligned over time, it can change the biting motion that can lead to bad erosion and put unnatural pressure on the temporomandibular joint or the TMJ. With additional pressure on the TMJ it can lead to issues with the bite motion and improper wear.

Incorrect Bites

There are many different bite patterns which are incorrect and can damage the TMJ and erode the teeth more quickly than usual. The most common cause of misaligned bite patterns is genetic. There are other causes too which include chewing on fingernails, thumb sucking and chewing on pen caps. Other things can contribute to poor bite patterns too such as malnutrition which weakens the jawbone and subsequent gum tissue.

One common bite problem is known as an overbite. This means the teeth of the upper jaw jut over the lower teeth in a pronounced way. Patients with overbites tend to grind their teeth which can cause headaches and TMJ pain. The underbite is just as it sounds the opposite of the overbite. The lower jaw's teeth stick out beyond the upper jaw's teeth.

How to Correct a Crossbite

Crossbites occur across an array of teeth or a single tooth. This type of misalignment can happen at any age and to either baby teeth or adult teeth. There are two different types of crossbites. The anterior type occurs when the lower jaw teeth fit inside the upper teeth. The posterior crossbite is the opposite where the upper teeth fit inside the lower teeth. This can cause uneven jaw growth and impact the outer appearance of the patient. Clear aligners can sometimes correct this as can braces.

Our office is focused on making sure you have the smile you want. Call us for more information regarding your crossbite and how to fix it.

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