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Snoring Can Lead to A Sore Mouth and Even Speed Up Tooth Loss

Posted on 3/20/2020 by Clackamas Oral Surgery Office
Snoring Can Lead to A Sore Mouth and Even Speed Up Tooth LossSnoring is the unmistakable loud, harsh sound that comes from the mouth during sleep. Snoring occurs during sleep when the muscles at the back of the throat relax, thereby impeding the flow of air from the nasal cavity.

Snoring is a common condition in most adults and quite a few children worldwide. More and more people are experiencing snoring in association with sleep apnea or alone. While snoring can be harmless, its long-term effects on the oral cavity tend to pose a problem.

What Causes Snoring?

When one person in the family snores, many people in the family tend to snore as well. Additionally, older age (being over 40), pregnancy and obesity have a higher association with snoring. Any of the drugs used as muscle relaxants also tend to cause the narrowing of the throat, leading to snoring.

How Does Snoring Cause a Sore Mouth?

First let us point out that the oral hygiene and continuous cleaning of the mouth is maintained by saliva. Saliva washes over the gums, the teeth, and moistens the throat. In addition, saliva has anti-bacterial properties, which works to impede the growth of harmful bacteria in the oral cavity.

During an episode of snoring, the oral cavity tends to open in a bid to ensure adequate air flow to the lungs. This tends to lead to drying of the mouth. When the mouth becomes dry, the saliva circulation is not adequate either for lubrication or hygiene.

It is typical for individuals who snore to find that they often have a sore throat. This is because the drying of the saliva prevents moisture over the back of the throat. In addition, the dry mouth causes the harmful bacteria to grow and multiply, leading to higher incidences of gum disease. If left untreated, gum disease eventually leads to tooth loss.

It is important to seek our advice if anyone tells you that you snore. It is a symptom of something more. Call us today to find out more.
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