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Sedation Options to Consider Prior to Oral Surgery

Posted on 3/20/2019 by Clackamas Oral Surgery Office
Sedation Options to Consider Prior to Oral SurgeryThere are many different types of oral surgery procedures. They range from minor procedures to major surgeries. Many of the different oral surgery procedures are done in the office as an outpatient procedure.

The use of different types of sedation makes this possible. The goal of sedation is to make the surgical procedure as comfortable as possible. Finding the right sedation option is a key for a successful procedure.

Types of Sedation

There are several types of sedation that we use to help people as they go through any procedures. The first type of sedation that people are familiar with are local anesthetics. Topical sedations can numb the area needed. They are often used in combination with a shot that numbs the entire area. This type of sedation is the most common form that we use and is effective for most of the procedures we perform in the office.

For some people the use of a local anesthetic is not enough, and they require more sedation. The use of an inhaled gas can help people who need additional sedation. This type of sedation puts a person in a state of reduced consciousness as they go through their treatment. It is possible to use this type of sedation in combination with the local anesthesia.

For some procedures a general anesthesia is necessary. This is also referred to as IV sedation and puts a person into a deep sleep, which allows for us to perform some oral surgery procedures.

Creating a Package of Sedation

The idea of sedation dentistry is to help a person relax enough to go through any procedure without fear or pain. It can start with relaxation techniques and can include the different type's of sedation available to use. The right type of sedation can make any visit to our office easier, painless and something to look forward to because of the benefits that good oral health provides.

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