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Are There Surgical Options for Jaw Pain?

Posted on 8/13/2018 by Clackamas Oral Surgery
Are There Surgical Options for Jaw Pain?Once our doctors determine your jaw pain needs to be treated with surgery, we will discuss all your options and explain the reasons why no other option is available for your situation.

We always try to use the non-surgical approach and choose different alternatives to treat jaw pain, including medications and therapy. If these choices don't work for you, then we will discuss surgical treatment and its implications. In many cases, jaw pain goes away without treatment, but in some rare occasions, surgery is the only option.

Types of Jaw Surgery

If, after exhausting other methods, we determine you need surgery for your jaw pain, there are several options to consider.

•  Injections. For some patients, corticosteroid or Botox injected into the muscles used for chewing helps to reduce jaw pain.
•  Arthrocentesis. This is a relatively simple procedure in which a needle is inserted into the jaw muscles to cleanse debris that causes inflammation.
•  Arthroscopic surgery. This is a very effective and lower-risk procedure for temporomandibular joint disorders, where a thin tube is placed into the joint space. An arthroscope is inserted to allow small instruments to perform the surgery.
•  Modified condylotomy. Is a surgery that treats the joint by fixing the mandible, especially in cases where the jaw locks.
•  Open-joint surgery. This is the riskiest treatment for jaw pain and we will examine all other options carefully before moving ahead with open-joint surgery.

There are many things that we can try to help with jaw pain that doesn't involve surgery, including holistic methods like acupuncture, relaxation techniques, and biofeedback to teach you how to relax your jaw effectively.

It is important to discuss all the pros and cons of jaw surgery with us and ask any questions you have about why surgery is the best option for you. We do not take any procedure that affects your lifestyle lightly and are always available to talk to you about it.

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