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Many Can Treat Their Bruxism with a Mouth Guard

Posted on 8/23/2018 by Clackamas Oral Surgery Office
Many Can Treat Their Bruxism with a Mouth GuardBruxism is the involuntary clenching or grinding of the teeth, usually during sleep. This condition is classified as a sleep disorder, but it also happens while a person is awake. Some of the most common reasons for bruxism are anxiety and stress.

The results from bruxism can affect a person's ability to function normally during the day due to lack of sleep. Many people experience jaw pain, headaches, and damaged teeth. For others, the grinding can be so loud, that it disrupts their own and their partner's sleep.

Symptoms of Bruxism

The symptoms of bruxism can be uncomfortable and painful, but there may be a very simple and relatively inexpensive solution to take care of the problem. If stress and anxiety are causing you to grind or clench your teeth at night or during the day, using a mouth guard like the ones athletes wear for protection, can help you relax your jaw and save your teeth and gums.

Many people are not even aware they suffer from bruxism, but we can spot it on your check-up appointment. Here are some things to look for:

•  Jaw pain,
•  A headache,
•  An unexplained earache,
•  Tooth pain,
•  Receding gums,
•  Chipped or cracked teeth or dental work.

How a Mouth Guard Can Help Treat Bruxism

Most people can treat their bruxism with a relatively inexpensive appliance. A mouth guard can usually solve the grinding and clenching of teeth by relaxing the jaw. This contraption is similar to that worn by athletes to protect their mouth while playing contact sports.

You can purchase the mouth guard at your local pharmacy or we can make a custom-made one here at the office. We will discuss which is the best option for you.

It is important to keep your regular dental appointments, so we can spot any issues going on with your oral health. A dental examination will reveal signs that bruxism is something we need to treat.
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