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Signs Your Pain Stems from a TMD

Posted on 11/27/2017 by Clackamas Oral Surgery Office
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Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) is the condition that affects the movement of your jaw. The common pain associated with TMD is that of the jaw where you experience sharp pains when chewing food.

The condition is not serious, but the pain causes discomfort and has the potential to affect the value of life if left unattended for long. Causes range from genetics to jaw injury, but some also get it from bruxism or teeth grinding.

Pain That comes from TMD

The pain in your jaw joints may restrict movement of the jaw, causing them to lock and leave the mouth open. If this condition is severe, it can lead to severe pain when swallowing and chewing food and drinks, and you will need to see the doctor to correct the situation.

If your pain emanates from the jaw, then you may be suffering from TMD. Facial pain on any part close to the jaw and behind the eyes will also signify a Temporomandibular disorder. If you notice your jaws locking involuntarily at any time, then you will need to consult a doctor before it affects you further.

Some people experience muscle fatigue and dizziness, as well as sinus-like symptoms as an indication of this jaw joint condition. Bruxing or teeth grinding is also a condition, and more so a cause of TMD. If you find yourself continually clenching your teeth involuntarily, you may be on the verge of this jaw disease.

Another symptom that most patients may overlook is a perennial headache. If the dull pain is consistent, you may want to pay attention to your jaw area. Sensitive teeth are also a cause for alarm as they could signify the beginning of this condition.

If the conditions persist, they may cause an even bigger problem in the future. You want to handle a TMD before it gets out of hand and affects all the aspects of your life. Talk to us today so we can treat the condition before it gets out of control.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (503) 652-8080 today.

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