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Why Your Oral Surgeon Should Check Your Mouth After an Auto Accident

Posted on 4/27/2017 by Clackamas Oral Surgery Office
A man suffering from a missing tooth.
An auto accident is a scary time. Depending upon the severity you may suffer immediate injuries. Even if you don't have any visible injuries, the jarring of an accident can cause problems later on. It is important, regardless of noticing any issues right away, to seek medical treatment. And the medical team examining you should include an oral surgeon.

What is an Oral Surgeon?

An oral surgeon is a dentist who specializes in a wide variety of diseases, defects and injuries in and around your mouth and jaw, as well as your head and neck. Oral surgeons specialize in tooth extraction, implants, and, of course, oral surgery.

TMJ Problems

The temporomandibular joint is the point that connects your upper and lower jaws. While you may not notice it right away, the whiplash from a car crash could potentially momentarily unhinge your jaw, or cause microscopic damage to the joint. This can lead to inflammation and trouble with the joint, making it difficult to eat, speak, or even open your mouth.

Facial Bone Fractures

Depending upon your particular accident, you may have experienced fractures to your facial bones. These bones, like any other fractured bone, need to be set. But you can't have a cast put on your face. An oral surgeon will be able to examine your injuries and determine the best course of action to set the bones, whether it's through wiring the jaw or the placement of plates and screws.

Soft Tissue Injuries

An oral surgeon is an expert on the nerves in and around the mouth, as well as the salivary ducts. If your car accident has left you with soft tissue lacerations, your oral surgeon will be able to skillfully suture your wounds to provide the best cosmetic outcome as well as keep nerves and ducts intact and functioning properly.

Injuries to Teeth

Facial trauma can lead to damage to the teeth. An oral surgeon has the expertise to help provide you with the best chance of saving your damaged teeth, or removing them (if saving them is not possible) and placing dental implants.

Whether you have experienced injuries or think you are fine after an auto accident, getting examined is still important. But as you seek treatment, make sure that there is a skilled oral surgeon on your team to make sure the structures in and around your mouth receive the best care.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about your oral health.

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