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What Are the Most Common Facial Fractures

Posted on 6/3/2024 by Clackamas Oral Surgery
A person holding their jaw in painThere are several bones in the body, but the bones of the face and the skull collectively comprise the most complex section of the human skeletal real estate. It is no wonder that there are specialists who study the face and are trained in how to understand the common fracture patterns in the face. This blog explores some of the more common facial fractures.

Nasal Fractures or Broken Nose

A motor accident, sports injury, falls, or assault can leave you with a broken nose, also known as a nasal fracture. This type of facial fracture happens when you break your nasal bones or cartilage. You can tell that your nasal bones are broken when your nose looks crooked and there is bruising, swelling, pain, and tenderness.

Orbital Fractures or Eye Sockets

Bones safely surround your eyes. The orbit, also called the eye socket, is the bony structure around the eye. A facial fracture can break the orbit, resulting in an orbital fracture.

Zygomatic Fractures (Cheekbones)

The shape of your cheeks depends on the shape formed by your cheekbones. Unfortunately, a facial injury can break your cheekbones, either on one side or both sides of your face. Fractures to the cheekbones are medically called zygomatic fractures, and their impact can be quite extensive. Any damage to your cheekbones can alter your appearance, affect your eyes because they are usually supported by the cheekbones from below, and affect the side of your nose and upper jaw.

Maxillary or Mandibular Fracture or Broken Jaw

Excessive force to the face can result in a broken jaw (mandible). Mandibular fractures are the most common, and breaks often occur in two places in 60 percent of all mandibular fracture cases. If your jaw is broken, you are less likely to manage simple activities like opening your mouth. Your teeth will also be unable to retain their normal positions and become misaligned. A broken jaw can also result in temporomandibular disorders, which often require extensive surgeries to treat.

These are just some of the common facial structures. To learn more about these fractures, do not hesitate to discuss them with your dental maxillofacial surgeon.

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