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Common Non-Invasive Approaches in Oral Surgery

Posted on 2/2/2024 by Clackamas Oral Surgery Office
Image of a dental professional checking a woman patient's mouth. Oral surgeons often apply non-invasive approaches during oral surgery. These approaches cause minimal disruption to your surrounding tissues and promote quicker recovery. Some of these methods typically include:

Laser Surgery

Imagine laser therapy as a beam of concentrated light. Unlike regular light, the laser can be tuned to specific wavelengths, making it very powerful. They can work with incredible precision by focusing on a tiny spot, causing less trouble to the surrounding areas. If you go for laser therapy, it is like opting for a smoother ride - less pain, bleeding, swelling, and scars compared to traditional surgeries.


Imagine piezosurgery as a unique way to work on your bones using ultrasound waves. It is like having a gentle tool that can cut into the bone without hurting the nearby tissues. Dentists use this superb method when fixing issues with the bone. The great thing about piezosurgery is that it keeps everything safe around the bone while doing its job.

Old-school bone-cutting methods involve drills and burs, but even the most skillful dentists can accidentally take away more bone and tissue than needed. This often adds to the nervousness people feel about dentists and dental work. Piezosurgery eliminates the risk of losing too much bone and tissue.

Guided Implant Surgery

Guided implant surgery represents a contemporary dental procedure designed for the placement of dental implants in the jawbone to address tooth loss. This method leverages advanced dental technology, including CBCT (3D cone beam computed tomography), to meticulously plan and execute the surgery with high precision. This sophisticated approach ensures optimal outcomes, offering patients a refined and effective solution for replacing missing teeth.

If you are dealing with multiple tooth loss and have your heart set on restoring your smile with gleaming new teeth through dental implants, exploring guided implant technology is wise. This advanced approach has heightened precision and a quicker recovery period that can significantly enhance your post-procedure comfort. Moreover, if dental visits tend to trigger anxiety, this innovative technology might be the confidence boost you need before settling into the dental chair. Ensure you contact us for detailed information.

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