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Preserving Your Jawbone After Extraction

Posted on 10/31/2023 by Clackamas Oral Surgery Office
Wooden pliers removing a wooden tooth from a line-up of wooden teeth at Clackamas Implant & Oral Surgery CenterIn case you are scheduled for a tooth removal appointment, it is crucial that you ask if you might require socket preservation. Sometimes, this procedure isn't necessary. Once the extraction is complete, the dentist will establish whether you require further treatment like socket preservation or not.

When is Socket Preservation Necessary?

Sometimes, it is necessary to extract teeth. It may happen when you have bone loss, infection, pain, or fracture of a tooth. As such, during the extraction, the socket or bone holding the tooth in place may be damaged. Sometimes, it might even be diseased or infected. When this is the case, there may arise jawbone deformity after extracting the tooth.

Additionally, when the tooth is removed, the bone and gums around it may shrink and recede quite quickly following the extraction. This may contribute to unsightly defects. It may also cause the lips and cheeks to collapse, further leading to undesirable facial changes. Socket preservation may be done once you have had a tooth extraction surgery. The preservation process helps rebuild the socket bone to help prepare the area for a dental implant.

Socket Preservation Process

Several techniques may be applied to preserve the bone and reduce further bone deterioration after an extraction. An oral surgeon fills the socket with bone after the extraction. The dentist then covers the socket with gum or artificial membranes.

Sometimes, tissue stimulation proteins may be utilized to encourage the ability of the body to repair itself naturally. This technique allows the socket to heal. It also eliminates shrinkage of the surrounding facial tissues and gum. With the newly formed bone within the socket, a firm foundation is built to enable safe implant placement to replace the extracted tooth.

Talk to us today for your tooth extraction needs or socket preservation procedure. We are determined to ensure that we promote your bite function, smile appearance, and facial aesthetics.
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