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Can You Get Wisdom Teeth Removed While Pregnant

Posted on 10/15/2023 by Clackamas Oral Surgery Office
Women making a heart on her pregnant belly at Clackamas Implant & Oral Surgery CenterWisdom teeth are quite susceptible to impaction, leading to infections and pain. They can also cause teeth to be overcrowded and make you vulnerable to gum issues. It is always safe to extract for impacted wisdom teeth that cause infections or pain. But is it safe to remove wisdom teeth while pregnant?

Can you Extract Wisdom Teeth While Pregnant?

Generally, it is safe to extract any tooth during pregnancy. However, most dental experts will prefer to perform the procedure while you have already delivered if the wisdom teeth are not causing any complications. Wisdom teeth extractions can be postponed unless they are pausing certain complications or risks to the baby or mother.

Preferred Timing for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The preferred timing for the extraction of these teeth is during the second trimester. Most dentists don't recommend invasive dental procedures during the first trimester as there is high fetal development during this period, and any mistakes can interfere with the development of the fetus; on the other hand, the third trimester is a bit exhausting for the mother, and they will not be comfortable to sit for long hours for a wisdom teeth extraction. However, if an impacted wisdom tooth causes severe pain or becomes very infected, it can be extracted in any trimester.

Safe Precautions Must be Taken

If an impacted wisdom teeth must be extracted when you are pregnant, it is important to use protective aprons. Also, only crucial radiographs should be taken to evaluate the teeth. An oral surgeon must also consider selecting anesthetics, antibiotics, and pain relievers that are quite safe for pregnancy.

Alternative Treatment can be considered

In some cases, your dental expert can recommend other non-invasive dental treatments. They can recommend using pain management drugs and antibiotics as alternative measures. If the extraction is not an emergency, it can be postponed until after the pregnancy, when it is safer to undergo wisdom tooth extraction.
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