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The hidden link between gum disease and Alzheimer's

Posted on 8/7/2023 by Clackamas Oral Surgery
The hidden link between gum disease and Alzheimer'sIt is very questionable to think that gum diseases can cause mental problems. Due to gum diseases affecting our oral health while Alzheimer's affects and destroys our memory and our mental health, one might be tempted to think that the two have no relation. I mean, if today you told someone that gum disease can result in mental issues the person would already think that you already have a mental issue. To understand the link between gum diseases and Alzheimer's, scroll as you read. You will be fascinated.

The link

Extensive studies in the past have proven possible links between periodontal diseases and Alzheimer's. According to Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, a molecule commonly known as microRNA-335-5P, and periodontal pathogens can inhibit damage. The same molecule has a big effect on pathological molecules produced in the brain which can lead to Alzheimer's. It is also said that gingivalis are capable of traveling from the mouth to the brain destroying the brain neurons. Although the results of studies done support that notion, more research is needed to understand Alzheimer's and how bacterium worsen the progression. The bacteria that are associated with both diseases is called F.nucleatum. It is a bacterium common with periodontal diseases but it is also believed to enhance the development of Alzheimer's in a patient if not treated.

How to prevent them

10% of the people aged 65 and older suffer from Alzheimer's while 70% are burdened with advanced gum diseases. Given the strong evidence, it is possible that gum diseases resulting from poor oral hygiene may increase the chances of developing Alzheimer's or dementia. However, basic oral hygiene may help in preventing the above issues. Maintaining adequate oral health for aged people might be hard in the case of people suffering from dementia. Some of the measures that can be taken to curb this include using an electric toothbrush, prescription-strength mouthwash, and increased dental visits. If you care for your aged friends or parents, you can always pay a visit to our offices for consultation and treatment purposes. Let us join hands and prevent Alzheimer's and dementia amongst us.
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