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Types of Injuries You Should See an Oral Surgeon For
Posted on 3/23/2018 by Clackamas Oral Surgery Office
Dental injuries may range from mild to severe ones, and often result from outdoor activities, accidents, or sports. You may have severe toothache that prevents you from having adequate sleep at night. You may have accidentally fallen and your tooth is chipped. Sometimes, the injuries may not be too obvious meaning you may not know that you have a serious injury until a dentist examines. Remember that if you don't get treatment in time, you may experience complications or the healing process takes longer than expected. There are various types of dental injuries you need to seek the help of an oral surgeon. Trauma to Tooth You may experience trauma to teeth from vehicle accidents or sports injuries. This can cause pain and even leave you with chipped or lost tooth. Sometimes, your tooth may be knocked out of the socket, and when this happens, you have a chance of saving it provided that you can get to us soonest possible. The tooth may be placed back in, so you want to make sure that you store it in milk or cold water as you get to us. Broken Denture People who have full denture may have a serious complication of a broken denture. The fractures may arise due to immediate trauma occurring to the mouth area, sometimes they may be from wear and tear. Again, the food people eat and drink may wear down dentures causing them to fracture. Premature dental wear may arise due to smoking and tobacco use. While you may use denture repair kits you find in stores, it's not always advisable and they are only meant for temporary fixes. If you have dental trauma that causes dental problems like pain with cold, sweet, or hot stimuli, or your teeth come out, or dentures wear out, we can help you. Just call us to book an appointment and have the injury examined properly to find out the right treatment option. An oral surgery may be needed to help you get your smile back....

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