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What to Do if You Find an Oral Cyst
Posted on 4/23/2018 by Clackamas Oral Surgery Office
Oral cysts can be very alarming, but you need to stay calm. First, you need to understand what an oral cyst is and what can you possibly do after you find out that you have one. An oral cyst is a sac of tissues enclosing some fluid that can be commonly seen in the gums, lips, cheeks, tooth roots, tongue, and jaw bones. There are different types of oral cysts and these are dentigerous cysts, pilonidal cysts, radicular cysts, and mucous cysts. Now that you know what an oral cyst is, you might want to know how to deal with this. Some oral cysts can be really painful and swollen, but you need to keep it together and just focus on doing two things such as good oral hygiene and going to the dentist immediately. Practice Good Oral Hygiene It is crucial that you understand that the enclosed fluid inside the sac of tissues is called a serum. This serum is often sterile and will not do any harm or pain unless infected. Once infected, the cyst may be filled up with pus, which is really painful, red, and swollen. To avoid this situation, you need to be careful and just practice a good oral hygiene. Visit the Dentist Right Away! Of course, the moment you felt pain. You need to immediately visit the doctor. Some oral cysts are painful, especially the infected ones, but some are not. A lump is also not noticeable unless it is very large enough. Dentists will perform X rays and magnetic resonance imaging MRI to locate the cyst. It is also crucial to perform a biopsy to accurately determine if the lump just a cyst and not a tumor. Several therapies such as endodontic therapy where the pulp of the tooth will be cleaned out are also effective. In such rare cases, surgeries can be required if the cyst recurs. Notice something strange in your mouth? Do not waste your time. Visit us today!...

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